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August 2012 Blog Posts (4)

What Are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels are thought to be spiritual beings that are "assigned" to assist people here on Earth in various ways. Whether there is one angel per person, one angel for several person or several angels for one person is open to question. But whether you believe in them or not, or whether you want one or not, believers insist that you do have a guardian angel. What is their assignment? According to "Encounters of the Angelic Kind" at Future365 (now defunct), "they intercept at many…


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The unity of mind, body, and spirit

Spiritual well-being, and the role it plays in your life, is stronger than you may believe. The word "spiritual" refers to that core dimension of YOU - your innermost self. It provides you with that profound sense of who you are, where you came from, where you're going and how you might reach your goals. Spiritual wellness may mean different things to different people. For some, spirituality may be synonymous with traditional religion, while for others it relates primarily to the quality of…


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Supporting healing for sudden or traumatic awakenings

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Spiritual awakening is not always straightforward and well-paced.  Mine wasn’t.  That I am here at all caring for my family, working, able to express my experience,  speak with and inspire others, is to a large degree due to the healing work of Charlie Morris.   This does not mean the other supports,  incredible teachers, teachings and practices I have been blessed to receive are not also very…


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We are each on a journey,

 a journey into opportunities to uncover our courage,

 to encourage ourselves and others

 to look beyond and feel beyond the lenses of what we fear.

A journey to notice that when we contract in fear,

 we close like a beautiful flower

 and we deny ourselves of receiving life sustaining love

 and of giving life sustaining love.


A journey to notice that our…


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