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August 2010 Blog Posts (5)


Writing from the Anahata community, Floyd, Virginia

At the conclusion of Summer Evolution Camp.

(c) 2010 Howard McQueen | Version 2.2 8/31/2010

There are places on this earth

fully ripened,

ready for your initiation into inter-connectedness,

ready for you to claim and co-exist with as your HOME.…


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Version 2.0 | 8/29/2010
(C) 2010 Howard McQueen
Feeling our place and claiming our right to be at-ease,

being exposed and exposing ourselves to the forces
and ever-changing forms cycling through the
rhythms of birth, life and death.
Remembering and continually rekindling a center in self
AND opening self to the vulnerability,
the porous and permeable connections to life's many forms.

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Writing from Floyd, Virginia

Cultural Evolution 2010 Summer Camp to begin this Friday evening

(C) 2010 Howard McQueen

I am exploring intimacy with my partner Emory,

now having experienced what is a

two hundred day honeymoon with her.

Just like one, two can settle into routines,

sometimes ruts that constrain our vision,

our potential to connect to the vitality of Wholeness.

We are… Continue

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WORDS ARE WINDOWS (or They're Walls)

An opening Poem from "NonViolent Communication,

By Marshall Rosenberg

This poem written by Ruth Bebermeyer

I feel so sentenced by your words,

I feel so judged and sent away,

Before I go I've got to know,

Is that what you mean to say?

Before I rise to my defense,

Before I speak in hurt or fear,

Before I build that wall of words,

Tell me, did I really hear?

Words are windows, or they're walls,

They sentence us, or…

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The New Paradigm

The Divine is all around us, in us, and has always been Here, Now. It is not an energy or a mechanism. It is the Source of energy and mechanisms. We are in a new paradigm where there is no longer a master high above on a stage with the "students" sitting below wondering how many lifetimes until they become perfectly enlightened.

The new paradigm is friend-to-friend. The divine joke is that the unsatisfied ego condition wants to be "enlightened" because ego assumes it will then be… Continue

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