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As we gain experience coming face-to-face

 with our insecurities,

 we have the opportunity to befriend our self.


When seen as opportunities to reconnect to intimacy,

 we discover we can take on the often difficult work of 

 dropping illusions,

 dissolving fantasies

 and coming to peace with whatever remains divided and separated within.


Unentangling our self…


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The Underlying Should

My wife and I started attending a perinatal loss support group not long after we lost our daughter, Stella.  It has been quite helpful to share our story with others and to hear what others have been through.  I was amazed at how common infant loss really is, whether it's in the form of miscarriage or still birth or some other form death before a child's first birthday.  The statistics are quite humbling, and it's safe to say that you know someone, or know someone that knows someone, who has… Continue

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From the book Beauty, By John O’Donohue

Page 190


When you consider where we go and who we become in dream, it is often an achievement to show up for breakfast in the morning.

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© 2011 Howard McQueen


On the bridge,

just before dusk.

Not a cloud in the sky.

The river flows slowly,

its surface smooth as glass.


Surprisingly, there is the appearance of

ultra-fine rain dimpling the surface.




Down at water’s edge is evidence:

a vast civilization of mobilized water bugs,

their staccato movements of propulsion

ever-so-slightly dimpling the…


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Go Forth Now-The Council Twelve-KOR C.N. RODGERS

Go Forth Now

The Council Twelve


June 4, 2011

We are here and we bring you much light, love and energy in this now.

We announce the time is now to answer your call to upliftment and service to your planet of residence.

In our past messages we have been preparing you to be ready and to awaken your Divine… Continue

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