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What kind of meditation did the Buddha teach?

 A puzzled man asked the Buddha: I have heard that some monks meditate with expectations, others meditate with no expectations, and yet others are indifferent to the result. What is the best?
The Buddha answered: Whether they meditate with or without expectations, if they have the wrong ideas and the wrong methods,…

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Guest writer (and Asheville Sangha member) on

Hello, Everybody! Georgette Cressend, a long-time Asheville Sangha member, and a friend to many of you, as she is to me, has a great article appearing right now on Click the link to read it!

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New Prime Post: The Nondual Relationship

Hello, everybody! I just published a new post on Awakening Clarity Now. Come check it out!

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New Video: Deep Attention Practice.

Hello, everybody. I want to bring your attention to a new 30-minute video I cut a couple of weeks ago, "Deep Attention Practice". I've gotten a lot of remarkable mail from it, and I invite you to watch it as well--it's quite powerful.

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The truth of what remains.


So my question today and always is how may I serve the Sangha as it is a direct reflection and in truth my very own Self?  How may I be of service to you my Beloved?  As this group we meet together to dive into the illusion of the apparent form.  The separate self that thinks in separate ways.  We inquire into what is real and what remains when all this madness is opened to-released-and moves on.  The truth of what remains.  What is simply just here.  What  is always here.  This…


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Sex and the Single Being

Hello, everybody! My newest video, Sex and the Single Being, was posted late last night, and it's already drawing some very enthusiastic mail. Come join us!

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To Welcome Life and Death

Hello, everybody! I invite you to read the new post on,To Welcome Life and Death. It's been up for about twelve hours, and I've already gotten a ton of enthusiastic mail on it. Why not peek?

I'll see you all in a few months!

In joy,


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Mountains Out of Mole Hills

I hope you are enjoying the long days of Summer.  I love seeing the sunset at 9:00 at night and it feeling like room temperature in the evenings.  Anyway, I felt compelled to write something that might help someone in some way.  I hope you enjoy.…


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Interview with Mary O'Malley

I've been reading (digesting really) this great book called, What's In the Way IS the Way, by Mary O'Malley and have really enjoyed her fresh take on Awakening.  The book is beautifully written, and has many places to stop and experience what you're reading throughout the book.  I've also been re-reminded about the power of just putting a question out, without looking for an answer, and allowing an answer appear.  As…


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Talking Heads 2: Richard Miller & Fred Davis Discuss Nonduality & Nondual Living

Hello, everybody! I've just posted a new video tonight. Most of you know Richard from Quite spontaneously, he and I have begun a new video series. We talk about whatever arises while we're looking each other. The going gets weird, so come get strange with us!

Also, I put up a new text post on a few days ago,…


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New 30 Minute Contemplative Talk

Hey, everybody! I invite you to listen to a half hour talk I just posted called "Asking Ourselves the Right Questions".

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Three New Posts on

Hello, everybody!

I put up a new post, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Surrender" on Awakening Clarity Now today. The accompanying photo is of my Zen master (and general purpose master too!), Willy the 18-pound Lhaso Apso. I invite you to join us.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Surrender

I also posted a new video this week this week by the same title:…


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Hello, everyone. I invite to check out these two new videos, which were cut in Asheville on May 31, and June 1. :-)


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The Dawning of Awakening

Hello, everybody! I put up a new post last night on, and I invite you to join us. :-) Fred

Awakening Clarity Now

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Judge Not

Dear Family and Friends,

I've been wanting to put something out about judgement lately to shed light on this quote from the Bible, "Judge not, that ye may not be judged (Matthew 7:1)."  Interpreted one way, this implies that "God" is very judgmental (a common theme in Christianity), but, looked at another way, it actually has to do with the mirror effect of Life.  When you judge another, you are actually judging yourself, for what you see outside of yourself is just a…


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Three New Posts on

Hello, everybody! I had a great time in Asheville this past weekend. The town really has become my second home. Betsy and I are talking about possibly buying a vacation cabin up there in a few years. Of course, as with any other story of the future, who knows?

I published three new posts today. I hope you'll come check them out. Also, Awakening Clarity Now has a new Forum. It's only been open a very few days, and already the action is heating up! I have links to everything below. Do…


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New Awakening Clarity Now Forum!

Hello, everybody! I've just established an Awakening Clarity Now Forum. Please come see us, and meet some more like-minded people. Thank you!

I'll be up to see you tomorrow and Sunday.  I can't wait to be back in Asheville!

Awakening Clarity Now Forum

In joy,Fredness

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Two New Text Posts and Four New Videos

Hello, everybody! I invite you to join me on I've been busy the last couple of weeks, and have put up a fistful of posts and video.

Post 1: Questioning the Ultimate Authority

Post 2: Noticing the Natural…


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Our Living Presence is the True Teacher

 When we project our own inner teacher onto the human teacher, we're unconsciously attempting to confine our awareness to a small, limited part of what we actually are. I say attempting because there is nothing separate from awareness that could confine or limit it. The human teacher realizes that we all need to make that projection to some extent, and knows that clinging to their own personal identity with sometimes unconscious grandiose fantasies of being the teacher,…


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Hello, everybody! I published my third book yesterday, The Book of Unknowing which continues the leading-edge work begun in the The Book of Undoing. Undoing was about how-to awaken, while Unknowing is primarily about the post-awakening experience itself--how to clear, stabilize, and live in Awakeness as Awakeness.

There is a free sample chapter available for you to read on…


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