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June 2015 Blog Posts (3)

Removing Obstructions

I recently traveled to Boulder to visit my sister, and to attend a seminar there with my first Zen teacher from the San Francisco Zen Center, Richard Baker Roshi. He is the dharma heir of Suzuki Roshi, the most famous Japanese Zen master to live and teach in America, and the author of Zen Mind Beginners Mind. I hadn't seen him since 1981, and I was really looking forward to seeing how we had both changed in relation to each other over the years. The first thing he mentioned…


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What is duality, what is non-duality, and how is it lived in daily life?

According to Vedanta, the first stage of true enlightenment (or “awakening”) is not non-duality but DUALITY: experiencing the true Self, ATMA (pure unbounded awareness, transcendental consciousness) as separate and apart from relative, changing existence. This is a lovely and cherished state of duality. The Self is experienced and spontaneously lived as unbounded, eternally silent and awake within itself, completely separate from the boundaries of relativity. This is "Self-Realization,"…

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New Video Post

Hello, everybody. I invite you to join me on for a new 35 minute video,
"The Way of Truth" which I just published.

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