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May 2014 Blog Posts (4)

New Awakening Clarity Now Forum!

Hello, everybody! I've just established an Awakening Clarity Now Forum. Please come see us, and meet some more like-minded people. Thank you!

I'll be up to see you tomorrow and Sunday.  I can't wait to be back in Asheville!

Awakening Clarity Now Forum

In joy,Fredness

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Two New Text Posts and Four New Videos

Hello, everybody! I invite you to join me on I've been busy the last couple of weeks, and have put up a fistful of posts and video.

Post 1: Questioning the Ultimate Authority

Post 2: Noticing the Natural…


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Our Living Presence is the True Teacher

 When we project our own inner teacher onto the human teacher, we're unconsciously attempting to confine our awareness to a small, limited part of what we actually are. I say attempting because there is nothing separate from awareness that could confine or limit it. The human teacher realizes that we all need to make that projection to some extent, and knows that clinging to their own personal identity with sometimes unconscious grandiose fantasies of being the teacher,…


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Hello, everybody! I published my third book yesterday, The Book of Unknowing which continues the leading-edge work begun in the The Book of Undoing. Undoing was about how-to awaken, while Unknowing is primarily about the post-awakening experience itself--how to clear, stabilize, and live in Awakeness as Awakeness.

There is a free sample chapter available for you to read on…


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