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May 2012 Blog Posts (5)

Poem: Pristine Shades of Being

Pristine Shades Of Being


You think you are groggy

With notions of bodily form

The world has always been

A magic show

Made of sand

In a wind storm

Made of wood

In a blaze


How can you awaken

To what has always…


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An NC Triangle Sangha site:

We've started a basic Triangle area website, to share information about Durham/Chapel Hill retreats and Satsangs.   Right now it is a simple group which let's us get the word out about events in the Triangle area. 


Thanks to Cullen and Trey for their advice on creating a "sister site" to the Asheville Sangha!


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A Rude Awakening

We are all born into this world naked and screaming.  That’s just one of many experiences we all share as human beings, even if we don’t remember it.  My wife and I were fortunate enough to witness this miracle first hand when our daughter, Izabella Luna, was born on April 18th.  What a wondrous experience it was.  But what a rude awakening it must be for a baby to be thrust from a warm, dark, safe environment, where all of her needs are met, to a bright, cold, unknown world full of lights,…


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© 2012 Howard McQueen


This veil between me and everything 

 I understand to be of my own construction.


Understandably, I relied upon others 

 to make sense out of all this everything I experienced.

As a result, during my youth and thereafter, 

 I manufactured a myriad of:


  - strategies  of avoidance

  - strategies of accumulation 

  - strategies of conformity



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Vasistha's Yoga III.13

Post from

III.13 “By the apprehension of the perceived or the knowable, consciousness becomes the living soul and is apparently involved in repetitive history.  When the false notion of a knowable apart from the knower (consciousness) ceases, it regains its equilibrium.”

The soul, or the jiva, is the result of identifying with the…


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