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May 2011 Blog Posts (13)


© 2011 Howard McQueen


How do we, once we have opened our heart,

 live in a world with others

 that behave in heartless ways? 


Before we talk about everyone else,

  we could perhaps ask ourselves

   “how needy are we to receive the love of others?”


When we try to woo another

  to win their affections and acceptance,

  we often overlook the flaws and the wounds

  that need to be seen, in order to be…


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free will and destiny

Free will and destiny are ever existent. Destiny is the result of past action; it concerns the body. Let the body act as may suit it. Why are you concerned about it? Why do you pay attention to it? Free will and destiny last as long as the body lasts. But jnana transcends both. The Self is beyond knowledge and ignorance. Whatever happens, happens as the result of one's past actions, of divine will and of other… Continue

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(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


Life unfolds in an infinitely high-definition, broadband overflow,

 containing levels of granularity that are unknowable.

Most of the time, we are blessed to be insulated from this

 overwhelming flow.


And yet, blessings can just as easily morph into curses,

 as we rely upon our filters to create assumptions

 that dumb-down our experiences.

This can lead to insular expectations for how we…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


An abiding love does not hold back.

It waits for opportunities to express its

 myriad commitments to loving.


One who has this abiding love overflows from source,

 feeling a deep, sweet centeredness

 assert itself throughout their days.


An abiding love’s sweetness is contagious,

 as it lands upon others as unconditional encouragement.


An abiding love brings us the lesson…


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(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


Our assessments,

 our judgments

 levied upon our self


  "You failed under pressure"

  "You failed to keep the marriage intact"

  " You ... "


These judgments lodge very deep,

 residing underneath

 veiled and cloaked.


They are like silent thieves,

 bands of saboteurs,

 contract assassins.


They actualize self-limiting  and…


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Version 2.0

© 2011 Howard McQueen


Venture forth blithe spirit,

 for this universe is your home.


This abundant world of natural resources

 invites you to play

 and marvel in what you may discover.  


This brief pilgrimage,


  Feel it all,

  take it all in,

  venture forth.


And remember, you are gifted with the ability to discern

 and become increasing aware



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The Elixir of hopefulness and despair

(C) 2011 Howard McQueen


It is seemingly but a flicker,

no more than the slightest, lightest breeze,
below a whisper
fainter than an ancient perfume
in the desert air.
And yet,
even in the deepest, darkest recesses,
it is also there,
this flickering candle, 
comprised of hope,
which can blossom at any moment into a fullness,
bringing color and…

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Child in Circle (Photo)

Many of you may already know of the photo of the day site, which awards one photo each day.  Here is today's photo.



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Version 2.0

(C) 2011 Howard McQueen


You and I, we have an evolutionary opportunity to learn to intentionally over-ride and re-interpret our fear-based survival programming.


When we are terrified, we can be so closed down as to be petrified.  No doubt, this is an ancient self-preservation technique - staying hunkered down in the presence of great danger.


Test pilots develop a level of split focus, staying cool enough to report the reality…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


Being firm and gentle,

 being fierce and at peace,

 being Yin and Yang.


When facing a choice between OR & AND,

 seek the wisdom and liberation of AND 


If you hold the paradoxes of the world within,

 you will grow your perspectives

 to encompass all of the human condition.


Then, there is no longer judgment

 AND there becomes understanding,…


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From the Don Miguel Ruiz Daily Email Archives


Miracles happen when you forgive. You are born with the capacity to forgive, but you learn the opposite behavior. You learn not to forgive, you practice not to forgive. When you learn to let go of your pride and ask for forgiveness, miracles start to happen in your life.

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(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


When sex is chased after as an intoxicant,

 the practicing of sex energies self-inflicted addictions.

When sex is expressed as a celebration of union,

 body, mind and spirit are reunited

 as an expression of healing and integration.

The physical, emotional and energetic bodies,

 are flushed, rinsed and washed clear.


Sex can be practiced in so many ways,

with so many…


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(C) 2011 Howard McQueen


Yesterday afternoon I crawled into bed

 feeling like all my friends and family had died.

Not quite knowing it, I came to realize

that I felt, deeply, situationally depressed.


I felt this in my eyes,

as a deeply draining vacuum,

sucking the life out of my vision for a future,

without any room or possibility

for any joie de vivre.


Back into this moment,

this time…


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