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April 2012 Blog Posts (6)

The riddle of here


We're looking. For something so simple.

So simple, that we can't hold it in

our hands. Or in our heads.

So we look to him. To her.

To them. To there.

We look to everywhere but here.

To when. To then. But not to now.

It's hidden just beyond our cleverness.

So we presume it's out there.

But perhaps it's here.



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Happiness for No Reason

“Learn to live a natural and spontaneous life, contentedly.” According to the sage

Vasistha, that is the point. It is to this end, that we will direct our efforts, so that you may

know the power of real tranquility. By clearing away our false…


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Well before confidence,

well before courage,

the well-spring of faith is fed.


The journey of my life,

 when well-lived

 is an exploration in discovering and removing

 my inner obstructions blocking this spring.


In my journey my faith will waver:


  I will become afraid and numbed down.

  I will become overheated with anger.

  I will experience the delusional…


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The Never Ending To Do List

Do you ever experience periods of overwhelm regarding the amount of things that need to be done? If so, you’re not alone. Lately I have had a lot of projects calling me in different directions. With a new baby on the way, a great deal needs to be done to prepare the house for her arrival (which is coming in a few days!).  In addition to preparing for a new miniature resident, I have to keep up with my work.  It’s the busiest time of the year for our business, and I have been struggling to…


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© 2012 Howard McQueen 


Dearly Beloved,

  you take my breath away

  and you fill my lungs,

  again and again,

  all without an iota of effort needed from me.


All that seems needed from me is to remember:


  When I invite in and worship fear, separation and exclusion,

    I am diminished.


  When I invite in and worship love, connection and inclusion,

    I am one with you,



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© 2012 Howard McQueen


In this string of moments I’ve known you,

I’ve been absorbing the all of you.

Even through the seeming distractions,

your humanity penetrates to the essence of me,

reawakening in me

the great desire to love

through my fear

and doubt.


I release myself from all hesitancy,

willing to be lost in love,

blinded, in order to see clearly

all that…


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