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April 2010 Blog Posts (3)


A nod and bow to the inspirational teachings of Adyashanti!
(c) 2010 Howard McQueen

Were I able to wave a wand and take away your pain,
I would as well be diverting from you the gathering wind that will fill your sails.

Were I to think I could clarify the mystery for you, or for me,
in any way other than living our own lives as the embodiment of this mystery,
I would be enslaving both of us in this…

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Conversations with Yin and Yang – Version 1.1

© 2010 Howard McQueen

Yin and Yang’s journey into intimacy has manifested a dream state lakefront paradise where in the day, they enjoy the bright unifying sunshine of intimacy. During the night, they slake their thirst under the lover’s honeyed

moon of love.

Recently, they have been visited by disruptive messengers, reflections from…


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We are all characters on a game board called Planet Earth. The game board, all the characters, creatures, props, situations, and events are the Source in various clever disguises. The game is played exclusively by the Source, as the Source is All That Is. Most of the characters start out with amnesia about the true nature of "reality". The game is mastered when everything is automatically recognized as the Source (the Self). It is like being in a house of mirrors, liking some of what you… Continue

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