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March 2011 Blog Posts (8)

NEEDING - by BillWalz

“We need one more thing to make us happy.  One thing leads to the next, perpetuated by our desire to have final satisfaction.  But the next experience feels uneasy, and we still need one more thing… The desire to feel satisfied is a continual process that drives our lives, and the end result is suffering… it’s just what ends up happening when we are driven by negative emotions.  -  Sakyong Mipham (Turning the Mind into an Ally)


What do we really need? …


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(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


Don't try to convince us,

don't even condense the message into sound bytes.

Stop all this putting lipstick on the pig.


Let us, together,

speak of our own shared values,

our heritage,

our legacy

and what we most desire to consciously

manifest - together.


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(C) 2011 Howard McQueen


In the end,

we are born to experience.


We are trained and indoctrinated

to judge,

rather than just observe

and witness

and be in awe

of this magnificent existence.



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(C) 2011 Howard McQueen


This creek that constantly flows,

feeding all life,

quenching thirst,

whispering its language

 that also smooths sharp stones.


The language of perpetual flow,

around obstacles and impediments,

joining other flows,

making the long journey back

to the merging with Source.



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No Me Yo Ho Rengay KeyO [1]

(C) 2011 Howard McQueen


May the Stillness

 concentrate and focus within you,

and then radiate outwards

 to bless whatever is manifest.








[1] An approximate phonetic rendering of the Buddhist chant, followed by a personal interpretation.

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(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


Before any action,

before any thought,

the Stillness ... exists.


Accessible to all,

to dip your ladle,

to stir your pot


to let it all come to rest

 and discover the clarity

 contained in the Stillness.


The Stillness remains completely unchanged

 however much your own personal pot

 may boil over

 or become agitated and…


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From the Don Miguel Ruiz Daily Archives 


Today use your awareness to see how this message is true in your life:


We don't need to escape from life; we don't need to deny our own nature. What we need is complete awareness and self-acceptance. We need to learn to make our own choices and finally control our will from the inside. That is what makes us a…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


It is when people stop talking and start plotting,

that we begin to feel we might become harmed,

that we then consider the option of taking up arms.


Why is it we give up keeping conversation alive,

and are willing instead, to let parts inside shrivel or fry,

and on the outside, we let our sons and daughters die?


What could be more important

than encouraging our voices…


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