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February 2012 Blog Posts (8)

Nobody "gets enlightened".

  Harry Jones is an actor, immersed in his role as the King. Stepping off the stage, he identifies himself as Harry Jones and onlookers cry out "The King is enlightened! He remembers who he is!"

  The Source playfully Self-witnesses as a character named Joe Smith believing himself to be an "individual".  The Source playfully shifts to Self-witnessing as a character named Joe Smith who gets the joke and identifies himself as the Source. Onlookers cry out "Joe Smith is enlightened! he…


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Words by Howard McQueen; Inspiration by Fred Lansford


I am slip-sliding, ever-shifting perspective and awareness,

 collapsing and expanding

 entirely outside of my control.


I am sometimes a tiny sliver,

 weak, frail, sometimes feeling desperately incomplete

 and sometimes connected to such a wholeness

 and profundity as to see

 mother earth as a pearl in the great Ocean.


I seek sometimes the reunion…


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We seem to always be offered the same two choices when we encounter conflict:


            To enter into judgment




            To enter into inquiry


One choice leads us on the journey towards a peaceful understanding.

The other choice continues to blind and bind us to our ignorance. 

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If something is not quite right with this moment;



 you have yet to bring your full self into the moment.



 You are remembering that its not all about what you think

 AND it is all about how you choose to interpret and respond.

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© 2012 Howard McQueen

Version 1.1


To practice your artistry, your mission, your […],

i.e. your own unique vision for a richer, connected humanity.


Encourage yourself to be more and more fearlessly

 comfortable and alive within your own skin.

 And then, 

 go forth and occupy the richness of this imperfect,

 often conflicted, external world.



A nod of appreciation for the contributions of William…


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© 2012 Howard McQueen


Our mind,

when faced with not knowing,

wants to fill in [ … ] for us.


What it tends to fill in, depends,

to a great extent,

upon what it chooses to fetch

dust off

and then make up.


If the mind expects a fearful future,

it may manufacture caution, avoidance

or [ ... ]


If the mind expects a pleasurable future,

it may throw…


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Smile for Awhile

Did you know the muscles in the face are the strongest muscles in the entire body?  I just made that up.  But it sounds good doesn’t it?  You may not be able to pick up a heavy object with your cheeks, but you sure can pick up a heavy spirit that way (which is often times much heavier).  It’s pretty amazing really.  The muscles in your face responsible for lifting the corners of your mouth to form a smile :-) actually have a psychological affect on you and the people around…


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© 2012 Howard McQueen


We are always full,

however, not always full of life-sustaining beliefs.

What we are filled with   

determines whether life bounces off  us

or penetrates deeply,

infusing us,  

radically altering us.


It may be a mid-life crisis,

or a broken partnership,

or a loss of income,

or the ending of a career,

or the untimely death of someone snatched away from…


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