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Seek the Source. Then as this Presence, realign the mind and body, as Presence has provided a golden thread back to Itself.

"So, if we think we are a person (and feel unhappy as a result) there are two things that can be done. One, is to seek the source of that apparent person. As we turn our attention towards our own Being, this very one, the apparent entity who seemed to turn his attention, is revealed to be none other than Presence itself. And two, taking our stand as this aware presence, we can cooperate with the realignment of the mind and the body, and indeed the world, with this new stance. It just requires patience, clarity and courage. Presence has seemed to veil itself from itself by taking the shape of dualistic thought. But being the very substance of all experience, Presence has also provided within every experience, the way back to itself, a golden thread....the way of investigation and contemplation. From the point of view of a person these two possibilities will inevitably feel like a doing - so be it. They are Presence's gift of grace to itself." ~ Rupert Spira.

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Great quote.  How was the Rupert video satsang?  Sorry I couldn't be there.
I thought it was wonderful, Trey!  He points to real clarity when he speaks.  I ordered his book yesterday.

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