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Born to have a human experience,

not a squirrel’s, a daffodil’s or a bird’s,

The Flowing River of Universal Energy

contracts to a one,

humbly, awkwardly, vulnerably emerging

with the first breath inhaled.

Air and earth combine,

animated with the spark of The One,

a story begins, the story of one.

A human being begins,

lost in the teeming, bumping, yearning, struggling,

loving, hating, striving, hoping, despairing

sea of humanity, all looking for their place.

Insecure, often afraid, sometimes

full and triumphant, then again,

beset by incompleteness, frustration, fear.

Growing, learning, striving, asking: 

“Is this my place?” “Is this my place?”

So many to challenge for “the place.”

So many to sow confusion about

what is “the place?”

The one who struggles,

the one who seeks,

has never been taught

of the One who already,

always is the place -

This watcher, this experiencer

that is the experience,

not the one chasing after experience,

chasing after place.  

We must come to know

the One who is more than one,

who is The One watching

this human experience.

And if from birth the watcher is an ancient one,

they carry the knowing of I Am,

and they live their human experience

struggling to remember what they already know.

And if they seek the quiet, the still voice within,

the remembering occurs,

and the human experience carries

less and less angst, less and less suffering,

more and more knowing the place

is here, right where I always am .

There is an awakening into I AM

who was not born,

who does not die.

The KNOWING grows,

 the place is HERE,

the HERE that is the

flowing energy of the Universe - everywhere.

And when their story of one comes to its last breath,

in the last exhalation there is a sigh – “Home.”

And The River takes them back to

The One they had never left.

And when time and space

and soul are ready,

from The One,

again the soul sets out

to experience being one –

A squirrel, a daffodil, a bird,

a human being,

swirling, dancing in The One

that looks like many.



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So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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